sovereign light, llc

Brings to you...

Immersive Tours, sound healing, and Retreats

Unique, Spiritual, and Authentic Journeys for the thoughtful and curious adventure seeker. Fanciful and surreal experiences that are actually refreshingly real and grounded.

Stretch the boundaries.


Experience a glacier in totally new, unconventional ways! As if dreamily meandering through mythical blue ice isn't already enough, immerse yourself in an art project there, capturing your impressions. Or, recline in a camp chair and receive an energy-shifting sound bath, allowing harmonic sound to wash though your being. Further deepen your connection with nature with an Alaskan Tea Time in the mountains and woods!

Biofield tuning

Discover healing through Biofield Tuning, the powerful yet gentle sound healing modality developed by Eileen McKusick that works to remove long-held patterns of stress, trauma, and dis-ease simultaneously from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of ourselves. Give your nervous system coherent, harmonic sound to act as a "sonic scrub" for greater levity and freedom.

corporate retreats

A fun but challenging getaway is the perfect modality to create or superdrive team play, cohesion, and connection! With elements of health and wellness intertwined with rugged Alaskan adventure, everyone will appropriately be cajoled out of their comfort zone in a fun and thoughtful manner with a Sovereign Light Corporate Retreat!

Who Our Tours Are For

-Those who crave a deeper relationship with places and people, whether      you are local or a traveler


-Those who are ready to use an experience for personal growth or insight


-Those who are curious to explore how Nature immersion heals us 


-Those who recognize we don’t remember days, we remember moments,      and moments can be made 


"We are a family run business of lifelong Alaskans, and we would love to have a mountain play date with ya!"

The journey to reconnecting to one’s True Nature is paramount; becoming whole is healing. Letting go of all-that-we-are-not is a sacred calling that requires self-love and courage. Use Nature to get there. Use sound healing. Use art, or movement or breath. Just. Use. Something.

If you feel drawn to

– heal,


– be closer to the Earth…

-allow art to have a say in your life…

…you will find kinship here.