sovereign light, llc

soveriegn light, llc

brings to you...

Retreats, Immersive tours, & Biofield tuning


Exclusive small group health and healing retreats are newly available for Summer 2023! These getaways are geared to re-energize you through stillness and calm your frazzled nerves by adventure. (Yes, you read that right; the power of paradox is real!). We all need to reorganize ourselves from time to time, and this retreat promises to push your comfort zones and target areas of stagnation. 

immersive tours

Schedule a unique, immersive tour of the Matanuska Glacier with Kaydee, and one or more of her kiddos, Simm, Sabin, and Shaphin. Choose from two exclusive tour types...

Biofield tuning

Discover healing through Biofield Tuning, the powerful yet gentle sound healing modality developed by Eileen McKusick that works to lift and dissolve even long-held patterns of stress, trauma, and dis-ease simultaneously from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of ourselves.

Welcome to a place where things are done a little differently than the current global paradigm.


Here, nature’s rule is recognized, which means family is first.

Instincts are heeded.

Freedom of thought is encouraged.

A more sovereign and aligned Way of Being brings calm excitment.

Tradition is honored while luminous new ways are embraced.

The path to reconnecting to one’s True Nature is cherished for the magical, essential journey it is. Shedding all that we are not is a sacred calling that requires self-love and courage.


If you feel drawn to


– know yourself deeper,
– strengthen your alignment with God’s Divine Will,
– remove blocks or obstacles to your growth,
– be closer to the earth…

…you will find kinship here.