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Sovereign. Free. Aligned with Divine Will.

Kaydee’s Modalities

Although obtaining her degree in Family Studies, traditional self sufficiency skills such as hunting, fishing, and trapping has served as the backdrop while she and Luke raise their three kids, Simm (17), Sabin (15), and Shaphin (12). Being mama has been number one. Growing a garden, wild foraging, herbalism, homeopathy, keeping bees, and artwork (SEE EXAMPLES) easily consume her days outside of homeschooling, and credits one of her childrens’ health challenges with forcing her to go rogue into alternative health. She started practicing Biofield Tuning in 2019 and became certified in early 2022. She is Breathwork Teacher Certified and is currently also studying for certifications as a Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher. She may, however, credit her years as a high school Rifle Coach as the most formative and rewarding for practicing mental training, as her team were multi-year Champions; it was a perhaps even more fun than her own personal Championship title. 



Kaydee has lived a life in the Alaskan Bush, growing up at her parents’ hunting and fishing lodge in Beluga, a fly-in only town on the West side of Cook Inlet with about 15 residents. Years later, she set to raising her own children there with Luke. She has leaned into homestead skills such as running sled dogs, figuring out how to make birch syrup on a woodstove, how to do crop surgery on chickens, and just how long it takes for moose hair to slip off the skin to make rawhide when submerged in a creek; these are all good ways to drive Luke crazy, but they fundamentally serve as a means to connect to the earth and break dependency on the modern food, agriculture, and medical systems.



After 15 years of living in Beluga and as the kids grew older, Kaydee and Luke felt the itch to establish a second home on the road system.

They traveled  overseas, lived in Hawaii for a winter, and ended up touring the entire Lower 48 in a travel trailer before returning to Alaska, fully convinced it was indeed where God wanted them. After returning to Alaska with the travel trailer, the very last spot they camped was at the Matanuska Glacier, and there happened to be property for sale nearby they could look at that very day. Logistics fell into place effortlessly, and they purchased the raw land.

Within weeks of clearing a building site, their generous new neighbors approached them about purchasing another parcel of land from them with beautiful rental cabins. Things started to click together and make sense. These cabins, Little Bear Getaway Cabins, are now the home base for retreats, tunings, travelers from all over the world, and who knows what else in the near future. The Scarola’s are open to God’s Plan!



A new epoch had started, and this is the point in which your own story may fold into Kaydee’s. It would be her highest honor to serve you in your own process of refining alignment to God, and be there to witness and assist the growth the Universe is calling forth from you. 

This time in history is critical that you indeed tap into your true purpose and develop the courage to use your voice. 

"What a powerful thing Love is. You can never give nor get too much."

Meet The Crew

It’s a family affair around here, and the kids are an integral part of the operations!


Kaydee Caraway Scarola

Mountain Mama


Luke Scarola

CEO of the chaos (he loves the title but not the responsibilities)


J. Simm Scarola

Maintenance Man Extraordinaire


Sabin Scarola

Sheperdess and glacier guide


Shaphin "Finn" Scarola

With a knife on his hip and a small parrot on his head