Alaskan healing getaway

Healing is the new hustle

Do you feel something is needed to help your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, but you don’t know how to address everything at once? Perhaps you have a sense that life is happening so fast and it feels like you can’t keep on top of everything. Escaping to a beach vacation for two weeks is not feasible, even if you knew it would actually fix the root problem; plus, vacations often require a vacation to recover from. On some level, you know that “taking a break” is just procrastinating. It’s time to try methods that can deliver huge results in physical relaxation, stress reduction, personal growth, mental overwhelm, emotion balancing, and spiritual insight all at the same time… and all in as little as 36 hours. 

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Let’s Be Real…

As a society, we’re worn out. We aren’t “all here,” fully present, and we know in our gut something is off. How do we step into and embrace all the goals, dreams, and projects we were meant to, when some days we forget to eat until noon and look for our phone that’s in our hand?

Do you remember the peace of grandma’s house, with warm cookies and a clean and tidy quilt over the bed? The grown ups would talk in hushed tones to take care of serious decisions that we didn’t even need to know existed. We were protected from the harsh realities of the world.

If you wish to return here, you aren’t being utopian and escapist; you intuitively know you need to find somewhere where there’s a safety net and understanding so your nervous system can let go. 

Tension, and “holding on,” in one form or another, is the cause of all dis-ease, so the opposite is required to walk back out of it. A truly caring little nook of peace is indeed rare, but you have just found one here, where your well-being is the highest priority. Plus, little cabins in the mountains are well suited to naturally draw your attention inward, to heal. 

But learning how to heal is not easy because so often we don’t even know what’s actually within us that’s needing adjustment. All that “subconscious stuff” is real! The pain, whether it’s physical or emotional, drives us in circles…the modalities used in this mini-retreat can be serious game-changing pivotal points because of how they have far-reaching, long-term impacts.  

Realize that health and balance require we face our fears. We must get familiar with our shadows so they don’t stink so bad they pollute the rest of our life. Our dark shadow spots are supposed to serve as “inner compost piles,” providing nourishment from experience, not reeking dumpster fires. Only when we address this stuck energy (quite literally, with oxygen from breath directed into the body) can we hope to rise to the ability to respond; i.e. response-ability.

Truth is, we need challenge and adversity; we desperately want to be able to respond to the demands of life because we know it’s rooted in our purpose. Responsibility sucks, but it’s the path to freedom and fufilment. 

Bring Your Troubles to the Mountains

John Muir said, “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.” 

Your inner cleanse and change point begins the moment you make the decision that it’s time to shed the old patterns you operate under. 

Day 1– In just 24 hours, life can completely, permanently, change. On the evening of your arrival, prepare for such a shift for the good! Settle into your cozy abode at Little Bear Getaway Cabins, and start expecting those miracles, for that’s how miracles happen. Beneath the comforting cradle of the surrounding mountains, awaken and engage your curiosity with a short, intermediate level scavenger hunt leading to a treasure to use during your stay (shhh, prior guests, thanks for keeping the treasure description a surprise!), which is a harbinger of inner treasures to be discovered while here; staying curious is key. 

Day 2— As dawn cracks the horizon, let the mountains be your companions for morning coffee or tea, followed by a Yin Yoga and Breathwork session to prepare for the day. You and up to two other guests in your group are the only ones working with Kaydee, so anticipate ample personalization and targeted guidance for what suits your individual situation, but in the course of the day, expect to experience a multitude of healing modalities and discussions, all working synergistically towards balancing the whole of your being. 


Energy shifts often dig the deepest when profound relaxation is contrasted with intentional body movement, using acoustic sound or frequency as a catalyst. For instance, yoga followed by a sound bath with crystal singing bowls; somatic shaking followed by a guided meditation; a Biofield Tuning followed by a sauna or red light session. Whatever schedule we design with you, fully let go and simply enjoy, open to what surfaces once your body and mind unfurl into a healing mode. 


Imagine, as described above, going to Grandma’s house…where Grandma knows just what to do and trust is an axiom. Healing is largely just allowing…the only thing holding you back is what you cannot let go of. 

Exclusive Getaway Features and Inclusions

  • Two nights sanctuary at Little Bear Getaway Cabins

  • One Biofield Tuning session, average about 90 minutes long
  • One crystal singing bowl sound bath, average about 45 minutes
  • Customized Flower Essence suggestions
  • Healy Device energy diagnostic session, and micro-current session with Healy Coil (as time allows, depending on your group size)  
  • Health conscious amenities, including structured drinking water, grounding mattress pads, natural
    cleaning products

  • Liberate stagnant energies, fostering vitality, clarity, and a deep sense of unburdening

  • Experience blissful relaxation in an wild locale, awakening spiritual insights and personal truths

  • Complimentary Biofield Tuning recordings and meditations post-stay, extending the healing journey

Price Guide

  • One adult 699. Add one extra night with bonus therapies 1100
  • Two adults 499 each. Add one extra night with bonus therapies 799 each
  • Three adults 399 each. Add one extra night with bonus therapies 599 each
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Your transportation to Sheep Mountain, Alaska, which is a two hour drive from Anchorage. A private car is advised. Meals/food; in the summer, there are multiple dining options, and Long Rifle Lodge is open year-round. A propane cookstove and kitchen is in the Aurora cabin, and Blue Moon and Polaris are equipped with fridge, microwave, toaster, and outdoor cooking facilities in the shared pavilion.  Check out is by 11 am the second morning.

Food for the day; there are several restaurants nearby, one is open year-round (Long Rifle Lodge).

Clothing: Summer: We recommend dressing in light layers, as we are in an alpine desert. At 2,200 ft elevation, the temperature swings are a bit more dramatic than elsewhere in Alaska. A set of rain gear is good insurance, as is footwear that can get muddy and is suitable for a moderate hike if you wish to get out of your cabin on break times or between therapies . 

Winter: warm, windproof clothing suitable down to -20F for the same reasons.

It means no plumbing is in the cabin. A jug of water with a pump top is used. Restroom facilities are in a separate building a short outdoor walk away (30 feet to Polaris Cabin, 70 feet to Blue Moon Cabin, and 200 feet to Aurora Cabin). Each cabin has a private, dedicated bathroom, but all the bathrooms are in the same building.

We are an hour away from any medical care or even a basic convenience store. The cabins are just  off the main road, so 4WD is not necessary, though advisable in the winter months.

50% of the total is required to hold. 50% required 2 weeks prior. If you must cancel after that, 50% is refunded, unless we can fill your spot (and then 100% will be refunded) 

Only you and/or your party, but a maximum of three people.  However, other guests may be staying at the cabins; they will not be part of any of your activities or therapies. Up to 12 people total can stay at Little Bear Getaway Cabins (each cabin has a Queen and a Twin bed, plus an available cot or trundle).

Sound and energy healing methods can provide a boost of energy to the body to clean out even down to a physical level. If so, we have an Ionic Footbath and regular epsom salt foot footbaths, far/nir infrared light therapy, and a sauna ready to help the energies clean out and integrate. Kaydee is also watchful and available to provide supportive tunings. We also have a skilled local masseuse who may have availability at her studio 15 minutes away. Good ol’ grounding and the grounding mattress pads are invaluable, too!  

Whatever therapies cannot be fit in during your first full day. Your plan will be discussed prior to arrival, and you have lots of choices (see next question), but the first day will nearly always prioritize an individual Biofield Tuning session, yoga with a sound bath, and a Flower Essence suggestion. With a three person group, even just these services/ activities  make for quite a tight schedule (although a group tuning is possible to save time). However, with only one person, many more techniques and modalities can be experienced in a day (or at least learned for later).


The second full day is to get to experience a Healy diagnostic session, somatic shaking akin to Trauma Release Exercises, meditation technique including guided meditation, and of course another sauna, toxin-busting ionic footbath, or red light therapy. Don’t forget journaling time, or time around the campfire.   Furthermore, time in nature helps to integrate and process the work you did and is highly recommended; the extra nights stay gives wiggle room for hiking or forest bathing. Visiting the glacier on your own, or doing any of the other nearby activities also becomes more logistically possible.

Biofield Tuning; Yin Yoga; Breathwork; Meditation and Guided Meditation; crystal singing bowl sound bath; Healy Electrostimulation Device; Flower Essences; somatic shaking similar to trauma release exercises; IonCleanse footbath; sauna; fir/nir red light therapy; basic tapping technique; guided hiking. Art therapy is possible for a nominal extra fee.