Biofeild Tuning

Biofield Tuning   is an acoustic sound therapy method using tuning forks both on and off the body to harmonize the body’s energy system. Clear, coherent sound from the tuning forks works to reset the nervous system from stress patterns “locked and looping” in the energy field. The biofield is carefully “combed” and any distortions or blocks are harmonized; this subtle correction releases that previously stuck energy back into to the system for a fresh increase in overall voltage (which was truly the body’s original voltage). The very blueprint of our electromagnetic self, which feeds and informs our physical bodies is soothed and re-aligned with the stable, coherent frequencies of the tuning forks.


People have reported Biofield Tuning to be of particular help for digging deeper into correcting self-limiting patterns, whether they are experiencing anxiety and depression, stress and overwhelm, or mild to moderate health challenges. Many people are discovering Biofield Tuning to be their best new tool to soothe an overworked nervous system, balance emotions, clear traumas, and find new, permanent pathways to peace, clarity, levity, and joy.

Biofield Tuning is appropriate for all ages, including animals. Because of possible detox symptoms, contraindications include cancer or an advanced illness; pregnancy; presence of a pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices; morbid obesity; and recent head trauma or concussions (within 6 months).

Sessions are also able to be received at a distance. You do not have to be in the same location to receive a tuning, but you do need to be in person for the Sonic Meridian Flush.

Standard Biofield Tuning Session

60-75 minutes–$99

The body’s voltage is increased and long-held stressors are soothed

Seated Chair Session

30-45 minutes–$40

Experience Biofield Tuning specific to the neck and shoulder area, and “take a load off” while simply sitting in a chair

Adrenal Rhythm Reset

60-75 minutes–$99

The health and function of the adrenal glands are addressed by soothing the high charge commonly held here, and returned to “factory settings.” Can be an absolute game-changer for those suffering from chronic stress or previous trauma. Recommended as a series of three, and must have had at least one prior Biofield Tuning session due to the possible intensity

Sonic Meridian Flush

90 minutes–$111

Weighted tuning forks (producing an inaudible vibration) are placed at various points on the body (frequently corresponding to acupressure points). Major meridian channels are “cleaned” of any energetic debris or dissonance


Approx. 60 minutes–$50

A form of energy healing originating from Japan, Reiki is popular as a relaxation method. Reiki translates to mean “universal life-force energy,” and Kaydee has been a Usui Reiki Master since 2010. Sessions last about an hour and the work is done fully clothed. The major chakra system is addressed, or any points of individual concern are given attention.