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Nature.  Sound.  Healing.

Dive into the mystical and cutting-edge world of frequency medicine and energy healing, a journey where your inner-being intuitively surrenders to Nature and harmonic sound. Allow coherent frequencies to root out and release old parts of yourself ready for renewal, and for the mountains to take witness.

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How your Tour Begins…

Day 1— On the evening of your arrival, settle into your cozy abode at Little Bear Getaway Cabins, beneath the comforting cradle of the surrounding mountains. Anticipate encounters with the wild—a moose sauntering through, or dall sheep magically adhering to the rock face, or the quick call of a coyote. Warm up your curiosity and play with a short, intermediate level scavenger hunt leading to a treasure to use during your stay (shhh, prior guests, thanks for keeping the treasure description a surprise!), which is a harbinger of inner treasures to be discovered while here. Nature provides everything needed to heal, and healing energy is simply love. We only need to create the right conditions for the body and mind to shift into the healing mode.

Day 2— As dawn cracks the horizon, let the mountains be your companions for morning coffee or tea, followed by a Yin Yoga and Breathwork session led by Kaydee, your guide, setting the stage for an energy-shifting day. Breakfast arrives to your cabin before you set off for the Matanuska Glacier just 15 minutes away.

Within an hour hike over the moraine (or a snowmachine-pulled sled ride to the face if you visit in the winter), find yourself amongst mystic blue and black ice shaped into captivating formations. In a safe and quiet nook within the surreal landscape, recline in your camp chair, and experience a transformative sound bath with crystal singing bowls. The ethereal harmony of vibrations and tones creates a dreamscape unmatched in its beauty. Fully let go and enjoy, open to what surfaces once you relax. Healing is largely just allowing.

Day 2 continues...

Slowly re-assimilate to the material realm before a leisurely lunch outdoors.  Choose then from two paths: a group Biofield Tuning session in nature or in the studio, unlocking deeper layers of your Biofield with coherent acoustic sound from tuning forks; or, an Alaskan Tea Time.

Biofield Tuning is a specialized healing modality whereby the sound of the forks moves stuck energy in the electromagnetic field and can release long-held accumulated stress and tension; for more information, please see, under Biofield Tuning. This session can be for your whole group, or individually, depending on your party’s configuration.

The Alaska Tea Time is a whimsical and calming tea time in the woods that has hints of the well-known Japanese Green Tea Ceremony but with a rugged Alaskan twist! Picturesque and cozy, experience the peace of a warm cup of a specialty brew prepared over a fire and savored while outdoors.

After your energy work or tea time hike, savor a hearty dinner at Long Rifle Lodge overlooking the glacier. Before retiring to your cabins’ beds, outfitted with grounding mattress pads, take a traditional wood fired sauna to relax before slumber. Allow the energetic shifts to integrate, bringing a new level of wholeness and health.

Day 3— Another breakfast is delivered, but before leaving, invigorate your body with red light therapy, readying you to travel and explore with renewed levity and freedom!

Exclusive Tour Features and Inclusions

  • Two nights sanctuary at Little Bear Getaway Cabins

  • Breakfast for two mornings, a tour-day lunch, and a glacier-view dinner at Long Rifle Lodge

  • Fully guided Matanuska Glacier Tour with access to a secluded area of glacier for a soul-soothing
    sound bath, and a choice between a Biofield Tuning session or an Alaskan Tea Time in the woods

  • Health conscious amenities, including structured drinking water, grounding mattress pads, natural
    cleaning products; for the herbalists at heart, lots of wild medicinal plant discussion possible

  • Liberate stagnant energies, fostering vitality, clarity, and a deep sense of unburdening

  • Experience blissful relaxation in an exotic locale, awakening spiritual insights and personal truths

  • Complimentary Biofield Tuning recordings and meditations post-stay, extending the healing journey

Tour Price Guide

  • 2 Adults (age 16 and over) $877 each
  • 6 or more Adults $733 each
  • Kids 14 and under $355 each
  • Kids 3 and under FREE

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your airfare to Alaska and transportation to Sheep Mountain, which is a two hour drive from Anchorage. A rental car is advised. Dinner the day of arrival. Alcohol. Check out is by 11 am the morning after your last tour day, but breakfast is provided.

Summer: We recommend dressing in light layers, as we are in an alpine desert. At 2,200 ft elevation, the temperature swings are a bit more dramatic than elsewhere in Alaska. A set of rain gear is good insurance, as is footwear that can get muddy and is suitable for a moderate hike. A light day pack would be helpful for carrying water bottles, hat, sunglasses, etc.

Winter: warm, windproof clothing suitable down to -20F.


It means no plumbing is in the cabin. A jug of water with a pump top is used. Restroom facilities are in a separate building a short outdoor walk away (30 feet to Polaris Cabin, 70 feet to Blue Moon Cabin, and 200 feet to Aurora Cabin). Each cabin has a private, dedicated bathroom, but all the bathrooms are in the same building.

We are an hour away from any medical care or even a basic convenience store. The cabins are just  off the main road, so 4WD is not necessary, though advisable in the winter months.

50% of the total is required to hold. 50% required 2 weeks prior. If you must cancel after that, 50% is refunded, unless we can fill your spot (and then 100% will be refunded) 

Most all levels of fitness can be accommodated, but a moderate hike lasting up to about 3 hours is anticipated. For immersive glacier experiences, you will need to carry a 9 pound camp chair in a carrying case with strap. If you’re opting for an extended stay with other activities, check out their respective websites; ie, please see Nova Alaska’s River Rafting guidelines (swimming proficiency required) for the whitewater rafting.

It might be just your party! If you have booked the Mountain Sound Tour, only other guests who also wish to do the same tour on the same day *may* be with you; it’s first come first serve for what type of tour will be done that day. However, other guests may be staying at the cabins but may not be part of the activities. Up to 12 people total can stay at Little Bear Getaway Cabins (each cabin has a Queen and a Twin bed, plus an available cot or trundle).

Sound and energy healing methods can provide a boost of energy to the body to clean out even down to a physical level. If so, we have an Ionic Footbath and regular epsom salt foot footbaths, far/nir infrared light therapy, and a sauna ready to help the energies clean out and integrate. Kaydee is also watchful and available to provide supportive tunings. We also have a skilled local masseuse who may have availability at her studio 15 minutes away. Good ol’ grounding and the grounding mattress pads are invaluable, too!  

Au contraire! We are eating with you, and we like to fuel our bodies well. Expect high protein meals, with no refined white sugar, bovine dairy, or grains, unless it’s our homemade authentic sourdough or gluten free oats. We do serve meat, but that can be omitted per your request, as could any allergenic foods. Think sausage, egg and chopped veggies in an almond flour wrap; baked oatmeal with walnuts and birch syrup; bacon, lettuce, tomato on sourdough; fresh fruit and quiche; tuna dip and veggie chips; quinoa apple salad, or, in the month of August, sourdough pancakes with fresh wild blueberries right from the bush!

While it is true, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing,” and we certainly want to get you outside your proverbial comfort zone so you actually have an experience worth writing home about, we are here to make your immersion in Mother Nature memorable, not miserable. Time on the glacier can be shortened by only hiking it, and the sound bath brought back at the studio, or inside the screened-in pavilion with the campfire pit. Similarly, the Tea Time can be done in the pavilion. No refunds given for rainy, snowy, windy, or subzero days.

Absolutely! Call and we can discuss details, as certain activities take a certain amount of time and logistics may prohibit it, but there is so much flexibility! Customizing your tour is at no extra fee. Again, however, it’s first come first serve for which tour is going to be offered on any given day. 

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