alaskan adventure
health & wellness retreat

Hosted at 

Little Bear Getaway Cabins

Rekindle the Wild Within

5 days and 5 nights
sheep Mountain, Alaska
june 15-19

Your experience will include the following...

Helicopter Tour with Glacier Landing

Float and hover over a landscape of crystal blue ice, then gently set down in another world with this jaw-dropping helicopter glacier tour...but wait...

sound bath

This isn't the average helicopter tour marketed to tourists, however; you will then have the rare opportunity for a meditative sound bath with crystal singing bowls in this surreal location, a unique way to delight in God's Nature. This is the stuff of daydreams and shiny magazine headlines, as exotic as it sounds.

Whitewater Rafting

A little splash with wild white water is sure to clean out some of the cobwebs of life! Nova Alaska Guides will take you on a rafting trip right in our own backyard, no experience required.

Biofield Tuning

Get your energies shifting with a 60 to 90 minute Biofield Tuning Session pre-retreat with Kaydee, discovering and simultaneously dissolving where you were holding yourself back, and experience up to two other Biofield Tuning group sessions during the getaway to gain even greater momentum toward your goal.

Health Assessment

Begin your journey with a mind, body, and spiritual consultation with Nurse Jodi in a 90 minute pre-retreat private health assessment utilizing the cutting-edge and practical Functional Medicine approach. Develop a plan to launch your growth. Each day during retreat, deepen your understanding of how your physical and mental health impacts following your calling.
Prepare to garner some grit by exploring of your current state of health and how that relates to developing the confidence and courage to walk in your calling. This is a key part of Jodi's signature course, Courage, Confidence, and Calling.

Healy Device

A diagnostic session powered by the revolutionary Healy Electrostimulation Device weaves in cutting-edge technology to your otherwise tech-free getaway.

Come to the Mountain

The awe-inspiring, uplifting, and vigorous energies of the location alone serve to scrub clean mental, emotional, and spiritual stagnation. Pure, unfettered nature and wilderness inspire the soul. Coming to the mountain is an ancient practice for good reason; feel it for yourself.

Hikes and Forest Immersion

Hike to the top of a nearby mountain with expansive 360 degree views. On the way down, stop to sink into a mossy nook on the forest floor and be guided into a prayerful meditation that soothes and integrates all you've been working on. Allow nature to heal more than you know needed mending.


Heights. Speed. Views. This is just plain old fashioned fun, to keep our energies open and moving after intense inner work! Skip the caffeine today and get a natural rush.


Anyone who has had the gustatory pleasure of sitting at the table of Kaydee's mama, Candie, knows what a treat you're in for! Foodies are in good company here for three meals a day! Of course, *how* to approach eating for better health is a critical aspect of what will be discussed and practiced. Eating is soulful when it's aligned to what your body needs, and baby, this is a baptism in home cooking! Candie has 30 years experience cooking at her and her husband's remote hunting and fishing lodge. Special dietary needs will be accommodated.

fire, flame, lights-2560427.jpg

Campfire Communion

Regroup at the end of the day as our ancestors have done for millennia, around a fire. Points of personal development have a magical way of integrating during group reflection


Gain freedom from "the system" by learning about natural health methods during discussion times. Topics covered, but are not limited to, detox strategies, nutrition and diet, electromagnetic health, EMF awareness, and local wild medicinal plants and how to make tinctures and salves.

massage, shoulder, relaxing massage-389716.jpg


With all the adventuring, you're bound to need a massage. Let local massage therapist Lexi Althens soothe and release those knots!

foot bath

With such expansive activities and focused self-change energies at work, various detox support methods are ready to keep elimination pathways open and cleansing, such as IonCleanse ionic Footbaths, tent-style saunas, daily yoga, red light therapy and breath work


Art is an expression of the soul, and "talent" is not required to reap the benefits of playing with a paintbrush! Guided by Kaydee, use art as a mirror to the internal process of what the retreat is bringing up for you. Learn how to use art even after the retreat to deepen your self-confidence and self-trust

The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage.


Due to the shared accommodations, friends are encouraged! Each cabin has a Queen and a Twin bed. Bring someone with you to share the queen, and both receive a discount. Bring another friend for the twin and all 3 enjoy yet another discount! Price is all-inclusive of meals, lodging, excursions, and therapies

3,500 solo
2 friends= 3150 each
3 friends= 2800 each

If you are ready to dive deep, muster the courage to identify and face what holds you back, and gain skills to continue the physical, mental, emotional, and/ or spiritual detoxes set into motion, this getaway is geared to you.


Little Bear Getaway Cabins
 is located at magical Mile 111 of the Glenn Highway
the closest point between the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountain Ranges



Kaydee has lived a life in the Alaskan Bush, foregoing routine human contact, instead opting for activities like figuring out how to make birch syrup on a woodstove. Although obtaining her degree in Family Studies, hunting, fishing, trapping and raising her family’s own protein has served as the backdrop while raising three children with her husband, Luke. Growing a garden, wild foraging, herbalism, homeopathy, keeping bees, and artwork (SEE EXAMPLES) easily consume her days and credits one of her childrens’ health challenges with forcing her to go rogue. Bowing out of mainstream society in other ways, Kaydee homeschools her kids, and also toured the Lower 48 by travel trailer. After her own Air Rifle marksmanship championship, she coached the sport, and developed her own mental visualization and relaxation techniques that quickly brought the team to repeat championships. Kaydee has been practicing Biofield Tuning (Learn More) since 2019, and became Certified in early 2022. Kaydee is a certified Breathwork teacher.  


Jodi O’Malley is the author of Rare Courage: Standing for Right When you’re Surrounded by Wrong, a columnist and radio host on Nurses Out Loud on America out Loud Talk Radio Network, a motivational speaker, transformative life strategist, faith-based master’s prepared critical care nurse and hospital supervisor. Caring for Covid patients at a federal hospital for Native Americans ended abruptly when she courageously shared her insider video with Project Veritas showing the extent of underreported vaccine injuries and outright corruption of the healthcare system where policy and protocol have taken precedence over the Patient’s Bill of Rights. After being cleared of any wrong doing by the Arizona Board of Nursing who ordered her to undergo a formal Ethics Evaluation, she continues to be a strong advocate for informed consent and medical freedom and encourages others to speak up and uphold their oaths. You can find her at


Alaskan Bush Homesteader, Kaydee and Federal Nurse Whistleblower, Jodi join forces to offer this exhilarating and meaningful once in a lifetime experience in the sublime subalpine mountains of Alaska. Jodi and Kaydee are rebels each in their own right, embodying ways to live a life outside what standard American culture says is cool.

Arrive a sapling, leave a warrior. 


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller 

Frequently Asked Questions.

It means no plumbing is in the cabin. A jug of water with a pump top is used. Restroom facilities are in a separate building a short outdoor walk away (30 feet to Polaris Cabin, 70 feet to Blue Moon Cabin, and 200 feet to Aurora Cabin). Each cabin has a private, dedicated bathroom, but all the bathrooms are in the same building.

Your airfare to Alaska and transportation to Sheep Mountain, which is a two hour drive from Anchorage. A rental car is advised. Contact info of other participants can be provided if agreed to for carpooling options. Alcohol. 

We recommend dressing in light layers, as we are in an alpine desert. At 2,200 ft elevation, the temperature swings are a bit more dramatic than elsewhere in Alaska. A set of rain gear is good insurance, as is footwear that can get muddy and is suitable for a moderate hike. A light day pack would be helpful for carrying water bottles, hat, sunglasses, etc.

We are an hour away from any medical care or even a basic convenience store. Please make sure you have everything before starting to drive, and that we are aware of any medical conditions (which will be part of the pre-retreat questionnaire).

We highly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, and are here to coach you through such fears, although you certainly can opt for more quiet, reflective time if you need. We *will* need to know a head count about two weeks before for the whitewater rafting, helicopter glacier landing, and zipline. 

50% of the total is required to hold, with 48 hours to withdraw. 50% required 2 weeks prior. If you must cancel after that, 50% is refunded, unless we can fill your spot (and then 100% will be refunded) 

Most all levels of fitness can be accommodated, but a moderate hike lasting up to about 4 hours is anticipated. Please see Nova Alaska’s River Rafting guidelines (swimming proficiency required) for more specifics.

Up to 9 people can attend and a minimum of 5 are required . Each cabin has a Queen and a Twin bed, so three can comfortably sleep in each cabin. This small-group style means you are doing every activity right along side Jodi and Kaydee, and so learning, coaching, and discussion isn’t restricted to just “class time.” Who knows, Jodi may help you crack a personal epiphany over the headset in the chopper while flying above the glacier!

Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation

Talk: Biofield Tuning, Earthing, Healing is Voltage, Structured and Blessed Water
Trauma Release Exercise

Whitewater Rafting
Group Tuning

Art project 


Lions Head Hike with Guided Meditation, Breathwork, and Lunch in nature
Talk: Select excerpts from Courage, Confidence, and Calling Course 
Massages, Footbaths, Red Light, Sauna (tent style), Healy Device
Dinner around the campfire
Wild Medicinals, Flower Essences for courage