• Renewed connection to Nature that re-anchors you from your core, and accelerates healing
  • Fun, laughter, play, and some clean mountain air to take a breath like you maybe haven’t in years!
  • Dusting off of your indecision and ignition of powerful energies that make hard decisions *for* you
  • Guidance to a calm understanding of why you have been keeping your courage in a cage
  • Be able too discern what is an actual distress in your life vs what is something just trying to be expressed; know the difference between stress and distress
  • New friendships 
  • Connecting organically with others who are also seeking a more sovereign, aligned Way of Being

Walk away with...

  • Renewed power from respecting your instincts again, recognizing they are Of God
  • Renewed resiliency
  • Your courage unblocked by harmonic sound